Humans of Kurdistan
The "Humans Of Kurdistan" project aims to present the cultural diversity of the country. A look at the faces but also the stories that lie behind each of them.

November 7, 2020

“I was twelve when I started Taekwondo being inspired by my cousins that used to wear their white clothes and belts and go to trainings. In the beginning, a lot of people were against my decision, they were saying that this sport was only for boys, and girls should stick to their education. However, all of my family supported me especially my uncle, on the condition that it wouldn’t affect my education. I registered in one of the Taekwondo schools, I was taller than all the girls there, I was also strong and they used to call me the iron man. I started to learn the basics and continued until I reached an advanced level. I won a lot of trophies on international levels, but due to lockdowns this year I kept training at home. Having won all of those trophies is a great achievement for me and I’m sure that it’ll encourage the girls in my city to play sports. I am now a law student and at the same time I am a coach and an international referee.”